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Wanganui Motors has a trained, professional Business Manager who can assist you with the best options to finance your next vehicle purchase.

The approval process is quick and easy, you do not need to be a home owner to qualify and approvals are given for most deals within an hour of being submitted, seven days a week.

Consider the brief summary of our finance options and either request a quotation now or complete our confidential online credit application for pre-approval.

A Brief Summary of our Services:

Hire Purchase

Is the most common method of purchasing a vehicle for private buyers. Hire Purchase is flexible with repayment terms between 6 to 60 months and deposits to suit. Structured and balloon payments can also be included in your tailor made Hire Purchase contract.

If you are GST registered you can claim the full amount of GST involved at the start of the Hire Purchase Contract.

Finance Lease

Finance Lease is often a preferred method of financing for businesses and GST registered individuals. Finance Lease allows purchasing the vehicle of your choice without diverting valuable working capital from your business. Lease terms can vary between 12 and 45 months and residual values and monthly rentals are negotiable.

Operating Lease

Operating Lease (often called contract hire) is a popular choice for corporate and is now available for private buyers. At the end of the lease (usually 24 to 36 months) you simply return the vehicle and drive away in a new model. There is no residual liability. Monthly rentals are often 100% tax deductible in the case of businesses (please check with your own tax advisor). You can also have the option of a full maintenance package built into your monthly rental.

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My Ford Finance can get you the Ford you want, when you want it.

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