Wanganui Motors donate Ford Fiesta

Local UCOL competition

Wanganui Motors was the proud sponsor of the recent Whanganui UCOL’s “Hand on the Car” competition, held over the weekend of 3 – 5 August at the Whanganui UCOL Campus in Rutland Street.

The competition was open to the Whanganui UCOL students only, to stand around a car, (a Ford Ranger was provided to accommodate the number of entrants) holding one hand on the car for as long as possible. A 15-minute break every four hours gave time for a quick snack, toilet break and to rest their legs. Whoever outlasts their fellow students was gifted a fabulous 2005 Ford Fiesta.

 “It’s a huge prize. It’s really tough for students just to be students, let alone worry about how they’re going to save for a car.” UCOL Whanganui campus manager Bronwyn Paul said.

Bronwyn Paul contacted Wanganui Motors and general manager Mark Quirk jumped on board donating a Ford Fiesta.

“The dealership already had a connection with Whanganui UCOL when the campus opened 10 years ago, so we wanted to get on board and support the competition and UCOLs 10-year celebration by donating a car for one very lucky student to win” said Mark Quirk.

Eva Harkness was the proud winner of the 2005 Ford Fiesta by keeping her hands down for 38.5 hours.